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Why Me?

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I’m tired of the whole “About Me” page title.  So, why me will have to do.

The answer?

I love blogging and social media.

I love independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to seek a little help from their friends or friends of friends when they need it.  I love watching service-based and holistic based and independent/freelance businesses grow and thrive.

I know about 50 holistic based business owners and healers who are not blogging or using social media because they are afraid of something to do with it. Usually their fear has to do with either looking silly (by doing it “wrong”) or a fear of wasting time.

I’m generally fearless (sometimes too much so for my own good) and I jumped into the idea of blogging in 2004.  I joined myspace the same year and quickly moved from myspace to Facebook and then Twitter.  That doesn’t mean I had a clue about what I was doing – I was just writing and hoping someone was listening.  Frankly, they weren’t.  I could have been standing in the corner of my room and talking to the wall.  Now I seem to have a few loyal readers of my Awaken Your Soul Blog, and manage to get ranked in the Twitter elite for my region regularly.  Facebook brings me clients throughout the year and all along I’m creating relatioships that matter.

Now, I’m talking to a wall, a few dust bunnies and a few compliant pets.  So I’m improving.

Seriously though, I’ve spent more than two years reading, learning, testing, trying and pouring blood, sweat and tears into my blogs and social media profiles.  I’ve learned a few things and I want to share them with you – the holistic business owner, the healer, the freelancer, the spiritual seeker.  If you’ve been afraid to wade in, know that you’re not alone, but if you’re feeling called to add a blog or social media presence to your business or practice – show up here for a regular dose of tips and hints. 

I’ll even share my most  blatant and embarrassing stories– so you know you’re never going to do anything that’s irreperable. 

Your hand will be held and your blog will be a brilliant reflection of you.  Trust me, I’m the Holistic Blog Coach.

My name is Peggie Arvidson and I live and work around the Nation’s Capital.  I started my first business in 2003 and it’s been an entrepreneurial adventure ever since.  Working for myself is a dream come true not just because I get to stay in my pajamas until just before dinner when I scramble to shower before my man gets home and asks, with a worried look on his face, “have you done anything today?”  It’s a dream because I’m building a life every day that helps other people live their dreams and if that means working in PJs too — well even better.

I’m 40 something. I’m a recovering Type-A who has learned to meditate, read hands, and think before speaking.  I’ve been divorced (twice) but think I’ve figured it out with my partner of a little over two years.  I live with two dogs (50 pound chow mixes) and an ornery 18 year old cat and my partner’s 15 year old daughter.

Blogging and social media have been passions for more than 2 years and a hobby for the two years prior.  A year ago I realized  that I’m the only Hand Analyst who blogged and used social media tools regularly.    Hopefully this blog will convince a few more of you to jump into the social media mix — starting with your blog!

If, for any reason, you want to reach me, you can at peggie@peggiearvidson.com

If you’re interested in reviewing my blog here are couple for you to visit:

My dog-centric blog is 10 Legs Walking and it’s also hosted here on WordPress.

You’ll notice that none of these is close to being defined as perfect.  But they are more than functional and more importantly, they provide useful information to a specific and targeted audience (more so the Awaken Your Soul site than the 10 Legs Walking).

Enjoy, submit your questions, tips and hints!


Written by Peggie

October 14, 2008 at 3:33 pm

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