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Social Media Coaching and Consulting for Professionals Who Want it All But Aren’t Sure where to Start!

Private One-Time Consulting

Perfect for the do-it-yourself-er who needs a little push to get started in the right direction.  If you want to avoid lost hours setting up and tweaking, retweaking and reworking your social media presence, invest in your two-hour private consultation.    Before your session you’ll receive templates and checklists to get started on the right foot, when I arrive to your office, you’ll be ready to get up and running.  You’ll set up your profile, add friends, create lists for easy friend-management, and create any fan pages and group pages that will benefit you and your business, we’ll manage your brand, review your intentions for social media and create systems for tracking your results.  Your private consultation includes: templates, worksheets, guidelines and one-to-one time in your office as well one 30 -minute coaching session to follow up after your private session.

Social Media 6 Week Private Coaching

45 minutes a week for six weeks.  Twelve points are covered and set up.

1) Clarify objectives; 2) complete profile 3) add contacts/invite friends 4) group contacts into useful lists; 5) Build relationships (marketing skills for brand buiilding) 6) Create Fan/Biz pages 7) Invite Fans 8) create content for interacting with fans and friends 9) Post content (print, video, audio) 10) create and manage content creation schedule and system 11) streamlining systems and adding new tools – building on your original platform using tools specific for your goals (youtube, friendfeed, twitter, flickr, blip.fm, ping.fm etc) 12) Review & long term goal setting including expanding monetization tracking.  Includes all templates and workbooks, unlimited email coaching between sessions and 1 complimentary 30 minute session for each friend/colleague you request – (Lots of people use this for their assistant so they can stay on track). Calls are recorded and sent to you after each session. 750 for the 6 weeks paid up front or two payments of $400.00


Social Media Group Coaching for Independent Contractors, Writers, Actors, Healers and Service-based business owners

Small group coaching -(min 4 maximum 12 participants) Exactly the same as the private coaching program except calls are conducted for the group and last one hour each week for twelve weeks.  Calls are recorded and posted to group coaching site for those that miss a session.  Each member receives one private 15 minute call each month and unlimited email coaching between calls.  $375 for 12 weeks paid up front or 166/month.  The next group program begins January 14 at 5pm.


 first payment of 166

Home-Study Social Media Coaching for Actors, Writers, Healers, Independent Contractors  and Service-Based Business Owners

Includes everything taught in the group coaching sessions in one workbook – complete with tempates and checklists you need for getting your on-line presence up and running in 12 weeks.  Your ongoing success in social media is assisted with the use of tracking systems included in the home-study program.   You also receive one email coaching session and one 30 minute phone coaching session during your twelve-week program (must be scheduled at the time of purchase).



Written by Peggie

October 20, 2009 at 12:27 pm

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