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Create Your Holistic Blogging Manifesto

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When you have a holistic based business, chances are you’re stalling on starting a blog.

I network with amazing holistic business owners all the time – yoga studio owners, angel communication guides, astrologers, animal healers, Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists and more.  These are talented, giving and caring business owners.  But they’re afraid.  Afraid of the blogosphere.

You see, not long ago, very few people had heard of blogging, and even fewer (it seemed) were actually doing it.  Now, there’s a plethora of experts, guides and books touting the one and only way to set up your blog, write your posts and monetize the thing.

You’d think it was the monetizing that would scare the holistic practitioners – and for some, that’s the fear — that they shouldn’t do something simply to make money.  That is a broad topic that we’ll address in greater detail some other time.

What’s stopping these folks from creating a blog and getting the world out?  It’s fear that they’ll do it WRONG.  We’re so attached to the rules around here — even people in seemingly rule-breaking businesses are concerned about getting it right!

Here’s a little secret – YOU MAKE THE RULES.  And then you can break them, twist them or turn them upside down.

All you have to do is figure out your core message and create a way to share it.

Then you create the rules that work for you.  Following are questions to get you creating your own blog-rules:

  1. Who are you writing to? (Get clear on your target – I mean laser sharp – and write only to them)
  2. How often do you want to post? (1x a week, 1x a day or something completely different)
  3. How long do you want your average post to be?
  4. What’s your focus? (Providing links to resources outside of you, or providing specific content, or simply staying conversational and giving a peek into your mindset?)
  5. What’s the benefit? (Why should your readers come back and check up on you?)
  6. What’s off-limits? (will you use real names and places or pseudonyms? and why?)
  7. What are your goals? (improve your writing, discipline, education, deadlines – you can have one or more goals – just know what they are!)

When you’ve answered these questions, you’re on your way to creating your Holistic Blogging Manifesto, now you’re ready to get started.


Written by Peggie

November 5, 2008 at 12:14 pm